Hempura is the one of the most refined cannabidiol oils in the UK market today. The ultra-filtration process used in it’s extraction ensures only the most active forms of cannabinoids are harvested. Unlike other hemp oils on the market, we do not incorporate additional chemical substances or use fillers to increase the yield of the oils that could cause harm to the body. Each bottle is nothing but hemp.  The oil is to be taken underneath the tongue as it is by this route that you get the best bioavailability and absorption of the spectrum of cannabinoids in the oil.

Hempura 500mg (5%) Sativa Hemp CBD Oil (10ml)

    • 500mg of CBD in each bottle
    • 12.50mg CBD per 6drops / 0.25ml
    • Safe to use by the whole family
    • Sublingual administration for maximum bioavailability (under the tongue)
    • Broad spectrum, entourage effect oil (what does this mean? Read our article)
    • Made in Great Britain with organically grown industrial hemp
    • Vegan and Gluten free
    • Lab Tested for Guaranteed Quality


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